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The Dangers of Texting While Driving

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Posted on Mar 02, 2012

The man who caused a motor vehicle crash in Mine Hill, NJ which left two motorcyclists dismembered will not face criminal charges. In September 2009, then-18 year-old Kyle Best was driving his pickup truck while allegedly texting a female friend. He collided with Linda and David Kubert who were riding a Harley-Davidson down Hurd Street in Mine Hill, NJ. Both cyclists lost a leg in the accident. Although a civil trial progresses, the Huberts decided to not purse a criminal case against Best. Instead, Best faces the relatively minor charges of using a cell phone while driving, careless driving and making an unsafe lane change. Though Best vehemently denies texting while hitting into the Huberts, his phone shows he sent or received six text messages within a few minutes of the collision.

A study by the VirginiaTech Transportation Institute founds that text messaging while operating a vehicle increases the chance of a crash or a near-crash experience by 23 times! The same VirginiaTech study concluded that texting takes the driver’s attention away for an average of 4.6 second. That’s long enough to travel the length of a football field at 55 mph. Some reports even suggest texting is more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. 

From 2001-2007, texting while driving caused 16,141 deaths. Millions of people have been injured in the past ten years because of this epidemic. Despite these scary statistics, drivers continue to text.

Commonsense tells us texting while driving is a huge safety hazard. When our full attention isn’t on the road, we put ourselves and others at danger. Regardless, nearly 61% of teens admit to risky driving behaviors according to American Automobile Association. 46% of the 61% admitted to texting while driving. And given teenagers send an average of 2,899 texts per month, that’s a huge road hazard.

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