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If you have been injured on the job or become disabled and are unable to work, there are likely a million questions running through your head right now: 

  • Do I need to report my injury?
  • What happens if I am unable to work?
  • Am I getting the best possible medical care?
  • Does my disability qualify for Social Security benefits?
  • Why are my checks stopping?
  • Do I need to hire an attorney?
  • Which lawyer should I hire?

If you have been injured in a work accident in New Jersey, it does not matter who is at fault. You are entitled to compensation to cover your medical bills, ongoing care, lost wages from missed time at work and more. If you have not received payments yet or they have stopped prematurely, you may need to take legal action to recover the compensation you deserve.

You may also find yourself struggling after become disabled as a result of an illness or an accident. Certain disabilities qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, a program that provides benefits to people who are disabled and cannot work in New Jersey and nationwide. Whether you need to apply for the first time or if your claim has been rejected, disability attorney Manfred Ricciardelli can help.

Don't Face Your Work Injury Alone

workers compensation lawyerYou were injured on the job. You may have fallen off a ladder, been caught in heavy machinery, suffered exposure to dangerous chemicals or developed back pain after years of heavy lifting. You may have even been involved in an auto accident while doing deliveries. It doesn't matter. If the accident happened in the course of your employment, it is considered a work injury.

While you know there is such a thing as workers' compensation in New Jersey, you may not know exactly how it works. Your payments may not have come in yet or they may have stopped before you're ready to go back to work.You may be having a problem getting to the right doctor. Meanwhile, you wonder if you'll ever be able to work again and how you'll take care of your family. We understand how you feel! An experienced workers' compensation lawyer can help you through the process. 

Filing for Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

When you are injured in a workplace accident in New Jersey, you may be eligible for Workers' Compensation. The benefits available from a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation claim can cover the cost of your medical expenses, and a portion of any lost salary while you are recovering or if you are permanently disabled. If your injuries require medical attention, you must submit a request to your employer immediately.

How Do I File For Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey? Once your employer is notified of your accident, he or she is responsible for reporting it to the company’s insurance carrier. If, however, they refuse to do so, you can contact the insurer yourself or file a claim with the State of New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation. 

Hire the Right Workers' Compensation Lawyer for Your Case

New Jersey workers' compensation attorneys are a crucial part of recovering the workers' compensation benefits you deserve. These cases are very complex and require someone with experience to deal with the insurance companies and get through the legal system. You can trust your attorney; he or she is the only one truly on your side.

The law firm of Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr. LLC represents good, honest people in work accident and workers' compensation cases. We also handle cases involving New Jersey Social Security disability claims and New Jersey auto accidents

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