The steps you take after a NJ work accident are crucial for your workers' comp case. How and when you report the injury matter, and it's important to know what your next move is. Here are the three main things to keep in mind after you've been hurt at work:

  1. No injury is too small. Your injury was no big deal, so there's no need to report it, right? Think again. The injury may be minor now, but there's a chance it could lead to serious complications down the line. It's a good idea to get any work-related injuries checked out by a doctor.

  2. Report your injury as soon as possible. If you delay reporting a workplace injury, it may be held against you later. A delay could even absolve your employer of any wrongdoing (if they are at fault).

  3. Get in touch with a workers' comp lawyer. A workers' compensation lawyer will protect your rights and help you make the right choices for your case. There is a system in place to make sure that you receive compensation when are hurt at work; a lawyer's job is to make sure no one exploits any loopholes in that system.

If you have been hurt at work in New Jersey, you may be entitled to fully paid medical care, wage compensation, and a cash settlement for your injuries. A NJ workers' compensation lawyer can help make sure you get all of the benefits you are entitled to.

Manfred Ricciardelli has over 20 years of experience representing workers with injury claims. He will fight to get you the benefits you need to get your life back on track. Would you like us to represent you, or do you just have questions? Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your case and legal options. Call 973-285-1100 or fill out our online contact form to get started.

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