You have been injured in a New Jersey highway construction project.  You are worried. You need treatment and money for your family. You knew the job was dangerous, but at least you weren’t killed. However, you can’t help wondering what went wrong—and who is responsible.

Common Causes of Roadside Construction Injuries

Here are the biggest risk factors for roadside construction injury in NJ:

  1. Obstructions. Construction sites often sit at strange angles to the roadway, especially when under development. This, along with bends in the road, misplaced or parked equipment, and a lack of road markers all contribute to low visibility for both workers and drivers.
  2. Weather. Adverse weather conditions are known to cause collisions, especially when cars are traveling at high speeds. Construction companies have a duty to protect their workers by anticipating the effect the forecasted weather may have and taking proper safety precautions.
  3. Distracted driving. Even drivers who have full visibility may cause an accident if their attention is elsewhere. Distracted driving will often cause a driver to collide with building equipment, construction vehicles, or even workers at the roadside.
  4. Safety standards. Many highway construction projects are overseen by independent contractors, some of which may be tempted to cut corners by compromising safety measures, or failing to meet state and federal safety regulations.

New Jersey Workers' Compensation Law Firm

If you were injured while working for a construction company in New Jersey, you will likely face weeks or months of recuperation, during which you will be unable to work. Whether your accident was caused by a driver, company negligence, or faulty construction equipment, our Morristown law firm can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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