You cannot believe that your application for Social Security benefits has been denied. You want to fight the decision, but you’re not sure how—and you’re not sure it will do any good. So what is the fastest and easiest way for you to appeal without having to apply for disability benefits all over again?

There are four ways to appeal an unfavorable or partially favorable decision, including:

Form SSA-561: Request reconsideration

The Social Security office has prepared a document for denial appeal, called the “Request for Reconsideration” (form SSA-561). The form is printable and available for electronic filing via the SSA website.

Write a statement

You may wish to file an appeal by sending a letter asking for reconsideration that explains why you do not agree with the SSA's determination. The letter must include your name, social security number, and a clear statement that you wish to appeal the determination.

Form SSA-827 and Form SSA-3441: Provide follow-up information

In addition to your official appeal, you will need to provide a Disability Report Appeal (form SSA-3441) and a signed information release request (form SSA-827) to the Social Security Administration. Your reconsideration request will not be processed without these documents.

Ask a Workers' Comp Attorney

A New Jersey Social Security lawyer can file a request on your behalf, follow up with the Social Security office to ensure your request is heard, and answer any questions you may have about the benefits process.

No matter how you choose to appeal your Social Security benefits decision, you will need to turn in your appeal forms to SSA within 60 days of your original notification. After this point, you will likely have to re-apply for benefits.

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