You’re so worried about your children suffering a car accident, it’s hard to let them ride in a vehicle with someone other than you driving. However, it may surprise you to know that even you may be compromising safety behind the wheel by performing a number of perfectly legal actions.

Common Mistakes That Can Cause Winter Accidents

According to AAA, drivers commonly make these five mistakes that can contribute to NJ winter car crashes:

  • Driving the speed limit – Posted speed limits are designed as a maximum speed in clear weather conditions. If driving conditions are snowy, icy, or bumper-to-bumper, drivers must adjust their speed to compensate.
  • Vehicle multitasking – Asking your vehicle to do more than one action at a time—such as turning and accelerating—increases the risk of losing traction on icy roads.
  • Short-sighted driving – Many drivers concentrate on the area just ahead of or just behind their vehicles. While traffic problems often start further down the road and require vehicles to brake suddenly.
  • Not enough space – While some drivers fail to leave enough room between the vehicle ahead of and behind them, even fewer recognize the need to leave open space on the sides of their vehicles as well. If a car is coming toward you, open space to the left or right of your vehicle can to help prevent a collision.
  • Distractions – Driving in winter weather requires concentration and sharp reaction times. If you are talking on the phone or looking into the back seat, your reaction to the road may prevent you from braking or swerving in time to prevent an accident.

Are you worried about your family and friends staying safe on snowy roads this winter? Posting a link to this article on their Facebook page may help to prevent a NJ winter car crash before it happens. If you need more information on holding a distracted driver accountable for your injuries, contact Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr. at 877-360-0183 for a FREE case evaluation.

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