Like many disabled workers, you may be afraid to report any changes that could affect the amount of your benefits to the Social Security Administration. But the truth is that while the SSA must be notified of these changes, it does not mean your benefits will be discontinued.

As long as you are still disabled, you will continue to receive monthly Social Security disability payments in NJ. However, you must report any of the following changes to SSA as soon as possible:

  • Disability status – If your disability has improved to the point that you may no longer be considered disabled, you must notify the Social Security Administration.
  • Work status – The Social Security Administration must be notified if you begin working, stop working, or increase the time or activity level you spend at work. After you report your work changes, the SSA is required to give you a receipt verifying that you have fulfilled your obligation to report.
  • Income and expenses – You must notify the SSA if your income increases, or if your disability-related work expenses decrease or stop completely.
  • Other disability benefits – You must report any additional disability program benefits you receive (such as workers compensation or public benefits), any increase or decrease in such payments, and the receipt of a lump-sum settlement under worker’s compensation.
  • Felony conviction – If you are convicted of a felony offense and confined within the U.S., you must report your status to SSA.

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