If you’ve ever broken an arm or a leg, you know the pain and months of healing it takes to get back in one piece. But for victims who have suffered a pelvic fracture in Morristown, this means pain, healing, and an almost total loss of functionality—and even some life-threatening complications.

A broken pelvis can lead to a number of additional health risks, including: 

  • Internal bleeding. If the pelvis has been broken into smaller pieces, bone fragments may burrow into the surrounding tissues, severing blood vessels and tearing into the patient’s internal organs. 
  • Bladder problems. The bladder is especially at risk of damage, since it is located so close to the pelvis. The bladder may be punctured or even rupture as a result of roaming pelvic bone fragments. The patient’s urethra may also be damaged, affecting his ability to pass urine on his own.
  • Immobility issues. While patients must remain still to allow the broken pelvis to heal, extended bed rest can cause complications such as blot clots, deep vein thrombosis, bowel blockages, infections and pneumonia.
  • Reproductive difficulties. Since the muscles, nerve endings and organs necessary for reproduction run through the pelvis, a pelvic break can cause irreparable damage to a victim’s reproductive system. If a victim suffers trauma or blood loss to the uterus, ovaries or external genitalia, it may be impossible for him or her to have children.

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