There is no end to the number of devastating injuries construction workers may suffer. Every day, these employees are asked to risk their lives, climbing scaffolding, suspending themselves high in the air and operating dangerous heavy machinery to get the job done. So when employers compromise safety standards, these hardworking employees are likely to suffer life-changing injuries—including the loss of a limb.

There are a number of ways workers may suffer amputation after a New Jersey work accident. For instance, construction workers may experience loss of a limb due to:

  • Crushing injuries to fingers, hands, feet and toes
  • Traumatic injury to arms or legs where bleeding cannot be stopped
  • Structure collapses such as roof, wall, floor or scaffolding collapse 
  • Falls from great heights
  • Road accidents at work sites
  • Crane accidents and hoist injuries
  • Heavy machinery accidents such as forklift or caterpillar injuries
  • Defective or malfunctioning tools, conveyor belts or other on-site equipment
  • Elevator shaft accidents
  • Work-related infections

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