You don’t like to think about what happened that day. You remember running, the fire, and the loud whoosh of air behind you—and then you woke up in the hospital with your family around you. You knew even before they told you that there had been an explosion on your construction site that not everyone had made it out—and you were lucky.

You may have agreed, but you don’t feel lucky when you look in the mirror. The events of that day have left their mark on your face, your body, and even your mind. You can’t put the accident behind you without knowing if there could have been some way of preventing it.

Common Precautions That Can Protect Construction Workers from Explosions

In many cases, employers may be liable for underground gas explosions if they did not take proper precautions to shield workers from harm. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has strict safety guidelines for workers performing gas operations on an underground construction site, including:

  • Signage. Any entrances to gassy operations should be marked with large, prominently posted signage identifying the risks of the area.
  • Fire watch. Workers should maintain a strict fire watch when performing hot work, such as heating, welding, or cutting, both during and after the work is competed to ensure the fire has been extinguished. In addition, employers are responsible for shielding workers from any possible source of flame, including collecting lighters, matches, and even cigarettes from employees before entering tunnels where gas is present.
  • Equipment standards. Workers should be provided with adequate equipment in good working condition. Tis includes performing regular maintenance on heavy equipment and subjecting machinery to scheduled inspections.

If you were injured in an explosion on a Spectra Energy project, we can help you discover what really caused the accident. Our attorneys have experience fighting for the rights of New Jersey workers who have suffered unnecessary injuries on construction sites, and we can gather conclusive evidence that will get your time off work and medical bills paid. Fill out the short contact box on this page to find out how we can help, or download our FREE book, What the Injured Worker Needs to Know.

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