It’s common to see a cast on a car accident victim’s leg. A broken bone may be painful and debilitating, but is often considered a “lucky” injury to have suffered in a crash—after all, so many collisions end in death on I-287 alone, that a broken bone seems minor by comparison.

But if your leg was crushed in the wreckage and was fractured in several places, the damage may be anything but minor and can have life-threatening consequences.

Consequences of a Crushed Leg After a Car Accident

A leg may become trapped beneath the dashboard, caught under a steering wheel, or even completely pinned underneath the steel frame of the vehicle after a rollover accident. One of the most frequent outcomes of a crushing injury is a fractured femur (thigh bone), which will often require surgical pinning and weeks of immobility.

However, if your leg was twisted or crushed in a car accident, you may suffer a number of critical injuries, including:

  • Hip dislocation. In many cases, your doctor may have to insert screws into your hip to ensure that the joint heals properly.
  • Hip fractures. If your hip has been fractured, you may be forced to undergo a full or partial hip replacement in order to walk again.
  • Amputation. If the leg has been crushed beyond repair or a fragment of bone has severed an artery, amputation below or above the knee may be necessary in order to save your life.
  • Paralysis. If trauma to the pelvis affects the spinal cord, patients may suffer permanent function below the waist.

Not only do crushing injury victims often suffer prolonged hospital stays, they will often require long-term medical care and devastating restrictions concerning the ability to earn future income. If you suffered a hip replacement or leg amputation after a New Jersey crash, please leave us a comment below to tell others what was most helpful during your recovery, or call us at (973) 285-1100 or fill out our online contact form to learn how you may be able to get compensation for your injuries.

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