You were crushed when you got the notification that you were denied Social Security disability benefits. It was your last hope of paying your bills, filling your prescriptions, and buying groceries for the month—now you’re not sure where to turn. You’re still unable to work full-time, so you can appeal the decision. But, how can you get help for the things you need to buy now?

The good news is that you may qualify for many other forms of state and government assistance, even if you have not worked in some time or have never been able to work in your life. The first benefit you should consider is Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a fund that pays out to disabled Americans who are suffering extreme financial hardship.

Who Can Get Supplemental Security Income?

If you are a U.S. citizen who currently possesses $2,000 or less in total assets—or are married and have a combined income of less than $3,000—you may qualify for monthly income support payments. In order to determine if you are eligible, the Social Security Administration will add together your income and the value of any resources you have access to that can improve your quality of life, including:

  • Income – The term “income” applies to any wages you earn, but also royalties, cash payments, and other money that you have been given in exchange for services.
  • Unearned payments – Social Security will examine the full amount of your pensions, unemployment benefits, account interest, investment payouts, cash gifts from family members, and any other federal and state aid you collect.
  • Household finances – Income that other family members, or anyone else who lives with you earns, will be counted toward your available resources.
  • Room and board – Any housing or food that you get for free or at a discount will be deducted from your benefit total.
  • Additional assets – Social Security will estimate the value of any other assets you may own, including stocks, bonds, or real estate holdings.

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