You could be hurt in a New Jersey work accident at any time – it doesn't matter if it's an average day of work or an emergency. If you work with heavy machinery or dangerous cutting tools, you are much more likely to be hurt in a serious Morristown crush injury that changes your life forever. Most crush injuries happen when a worker's limb is caught in a machine, an object is dropped on a hand, or a piece of machinery rolls over a foot.

In addition to causing unbearable chronic pain, NJ crush injuries are also extremely difficult to recover from. You may need extensive surgery and the help of highly skilled medical professionals. Even so, you may still be left with severe nerve damage and a lifelong disability. Your injury may prevent you from doing the job you had before your accident. As the bills from your medical treatment start to pile up, you may be wondering how you are going to provide for your family.

In New Jersey, on-the-job crush injuries are covered under Workers' Compensation law. If you file a NJ workers' compensation claim, you may be entitled to benefits that cover your medical bills, pay for lost wages, or provide monetary compensation for your injuries.

Unfortunately, your employer may try to persuade you to be seen by a doctor that doesn't support your best interests. In order to protect your rights as an injured worker, it's a good idea to hire a Morris County crush injury lawyer for help. Manfred Ricciardelli represents clients in a variety of work-related crush injuries, including:

  • Industrial accidents
  • Factory accidents
  • Assembly line accidents
  • Manufacturing plant accidents

Mr. Ricciardelli has been representing injured workers like you for 20 years. He is ready to help get you the benefits you deserve to get you back on your feet. To discuss your case, schedule a free initial consultation with us today – just call 973-285-1100 or fill out our contact form. What are you waiting for?

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