You’re lucky to be alive after your rollover accident. You know that your seatbelt is the only reason you’re still here today, and you’re eager to put the crash behind you and live each day to the fullest. Unfortunately, your injuries are still a big hindrance to your everyday routine—and while you don’t want to complain, you also don’t want to spend the rest of your life paying steep medical bills. But how can you get fair payment for your wrecked vehicle and your injuries if you’re not even sure what happened on the day of the crash?

Why Do Rollover Accidents Happen?

The first thing you should do is identify the true cause of your car accident. Many drivers are led to believe that their own actions are responsible for the accident, when the truth is that they were injured by someone else’s negligence. Before you accept any settlement from an insurance company, you should consider whether your accident could have resulted from:

  • The vehicle itself. While any vehicle could potentially roll over, some types of transport are more prone to rollovers than others. SUVs, vans, pickup trucks, and other tall, narrow vehicles that have a high center of gravity are more likely to tip over in a crash.
  • Sharp turns. All curves in the road will shift a vehicle’s center of gravity slightly, but a sharp curve can easily cause a vehicle to lose its balance. The risk of a rollover is increased even further if the driver attempts to correct a skid by jerking the wheel too hard in the other direction.
  • Road conditions. Many rollover accidents can happen even when the car makes no contact with another vehicle. It only takes a pothole, road debris, a patch of ice, or even gravel on the shoulder to send a vehicle into a skid and set an accident in motion.
  • Tires. The grip of a vehicle’s tires plays a large part in preventing a rollover crash. Tires should have adequate tread for the full length of your journey, and be tailored specifically to your vehicle.

If one of these factors was involved in your crash, you might be able to hold a manufacturer or road designer liable for your injury costs. Click the contact link on this page to have our legal team investigate the circumstances of your accident as soon as possible to find out what you could be owed.

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