You were thankful to get your workers’ compensation payment after your burn injury on the job, and you’re looking forward to returning to work as soon as you’re given medical clearance. However, your injury isn’t healing as well as you would like. You can turn your head, blink, and move your eyes, but the scar tissue is still raised and bumpy. Will it go down eventually, or are you going to have to accept that this is one side effect of the burn that isn’t going away?

Why Are Keloid Scars Bigger Than Normal Scars?

In many cases, victims who experience a burn or abrasion can develop overgrown scar tissue known as keloid scars. When the skin is damaged, the body reacts by producing collagen as a way to heal itself, sealing the damaged area and forming a scar. While many scars usually fade and become smoother over time, keloid scars keep growing, expanding beyond the original wound site and becoming larger and more raised.

Here are a few more things burn victims should know about keloid scars:

  • They are usually shiny, rubbery, hairless, and raised above the skin surface
  • Although they typically appear on the head, neck, and shoulders, they can appear anywhere on the body
  • They can result from any kind of skin trauma, including minor injuries such as acne scars or flesh wounds
  • They may take months or even years after the initial injury to form
  • They do not usually cause pain
  • They are not contagious, and have not been linked to any formation of skin cancer
  • They are more common in people with dark skin and can run in families
  • You are more likely to develop a keloid scar if you have had one before

Am I Entitled to More Payments for a Keloid Scar?

Some victims are entitled to a lump-sum payment in addition to their workers’ comp benefits for a keloid scar. However, the amount you receive is based on the severity of your disfigurement and how much function you have lost—and proving both of these to a workers’ comp board is often difficult. To find out if you could be owed additional payments for a scar, fill out the short contact form on this page or download our FREE book, What the Injured Worker Needs to Know: Your Workers Comp Guide.

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