Attending a Social Security hearing can make anyone nervous. The entire claims process is overwhelming without having to stand in front of a judge. The way you handle yourself and how you respond could play a role in the outcome of your case. 

Here are eight tips to help you prepare for a Social Security disability hearing: 

  • don’t exaggerate your symptoms or outright lie;
  • be ready to answer the questions asked, providing a brief but accurate response;
  • be descriptive when sharing how your life has been impacted by your disability;
  • don’t go off topic when answering a question;
  • if there are gaps in your medical history, be ready to provide an explanation (remain truthful to maintain your credibility);
  • use descriptive words when explaining your symptoms (instead of “it hurts,” say “it is a shooting pain”);
  • be specific in explaining your limitations (instead of “I can’t sit long,” say “I am only able to sit for 15 minutes before the pain starts up”); and
  • don’t go alone, hire an attorney who can represent you at the hearing. 

Each Social Security hearing is different, with some claimants being peppered with questions and others never being asked one. The good news is that these generally don’t last long but because this is where a decision will be made, it’s important to be prepared ahead of time. 

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