Anyone who has ever turned left onto 46 from Beverwyck Rd knows how dangerous a busy intersection can be. If turning right has its share of risks, then turning left is like running a gauntlet—and it seems like the best way to get through it is to buckle down and take it as fast as you can.

Unfortunately, many drivers trying to avoid an accident may be more likely to cause one. A recent study found that the largest reasons that intersection crashes occur involve driver mistakes, including:

  • Vision problems. While they may claim that they “didn’t see” the victim, the truth is that many drivers turn into the paths of pedestrians, bikers, or others that have the right of way, or attempt to turn when their view is obstructed.
  • Turning too slowly. Lights are timed so that drivers turning left may complete turns before oncoming traffic resumes. If drivers take too long to turn or speed through a red light, they are likely to be struck by a vehicle that has been given the right of way.
  • Aggressive driving. Many drivers who speed through turns are traveling too quickly to stop, assuming that by taking the lead, other drivers around them will get out of their way.
  • Distractions. Drivers on city streets are more likely to talk on their cell phones, send text messages, or read emails at stoplights.

Why Are People Likely to Be Killed in a Left-Turn Crash?

While these accidents may occur at relatively low speeds, they are also more likely to involve less-protected victims. Pedestrians and bicyclists are commonly hit by left-turning cars as they are crossing at the crosswalk, and they do not have the protection of roll cages or steel frames to prevent serious injuries.

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