Unlike most disabled workers, you’re not worried about your Social Security claim being denied. Your injury is extensive, so you’re pretty sure you’ll be approved—you just don’t want to wait months to get the payments you need. Will you still have to go into debt while you wait weeks and weeks for your benefit checks to come?

How Social Security Processes Quick Disability Determination Applications

The Social Security Administration (SSA) understands that some applicants do not need to wait for a rigorous determination process to get benefits. For this reason, SSA uses a computer program to offer Quick Disability Determination (QDD) for all electronically-filed disability applications. If the program determines that the applicant has a high probability of being approved, the application will be fast-tracked for payment approval.

Here is a short overview of how the Quick Disability Determination process usually works:

  • Review: Once your claim has been marked for QDD, it will be sent to a disability claims examiner for review and decision. Examiners can approve your claim for benefits based solely on your application and medical reports, and does not need a medical consultant’s review of your file.
  • Approval: Approval may be granted in as little as 20 days from the initial application date. If the date that your disability began is clearly established in your medical records,you should be paid benefits from the date of your disability onward.
  • Denial: If your QDD claims examiner denies your benefits, your application will automatically be sent back through the regular disability determination process. However, the examiner is required to have a medical consultant examine your claim before he is able to issue a denial.

Help Getting Faster Social Security Disability Approval

If you are applying for benefits due to a terminal illness or a cancer diagnosis, there are other ways to get expedited benefits. To find out if you could qualify for a compassionate allowance or immediate Supplemental Security Income payments, click the contact link on this page to tell us about your disability.

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