Grinder machines can shave hours of work off of a job—but they can also shave off fingers if workers aren’t careful. Now that you have lost the tip of your index finger, you find yourself feeling angry rather than upset. You’ve read the operator’s manuals for all of the machines you work with, and you have even trained new employees how to properly use them. You know that you were following all safety practices when resurfacing your work pieces, so why did this happen to you?

Grinder Machine Operation and Negligence Will Affect Your Construction Injury Lawsuit

Getting to the bottom of what happened on the day of your injury will benefit your peace of mind, but may also have a positive impact on your future.

  • Injury. The extent of your injury will play a big role in your construction amputation case. If you lost the tip of your finger, your future working ability will certainly be affected; however, you will likely not be awarded as much as someone who lost a thumb or dominant hand.
  • Negligence. The next step in your case is proving negligence. In order to sue your employer, you must prove that one or more people in your company failed to provide you with something you needed to avoid your accident. This could be adequate training, safety gear, regular maintenance, appropriate working parts, routine machine inspections, or regular breaks to help avoid fatigue.
  • Behavior. In many cases, employers will attempt to shift responsibility for the accident by suggesting that you were somehow to blame for your injury. You may have been working too quickly, measuring pieces while the machine was still running, or talking to another employee while performing machine motions. While your actions could have contributed to your injury, they do not automatically disqualify you from seeking a case.

The fastest way to find out if you could be owed compensation from your employer is to have your accident investigated as soon as possible. Your attorney can request incident documentation, inspect the scene of the accident, and gather necessary evidence on your behalf while you recover from your injury. Fill out the short contact box on this page to tell us how your accident happened. Your contact with us is free, and you owe us nothing unless we win your case.

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