Of all the ways you were warned you could be injured at work, you never dreamed you would be suffering from a psychological injury. However, this disorder is all too real for thousands of workers—and workplace stressors usually bring it on gradually. 

A recent questionnaire survey of over 2,000 workers in 23 different occupations found that instances of work-related psychological disorders are not only common, they are especially likely to occur in a few specific working conditions. For example:

  • Boring, repetitive job tasks and role ambiguity, two common factors in job stress, were more prominent across several classes of blue-collar workers (such as fork-lift drivers and machine operators) than among white-collar professionals. 
  • Assemblers and relief workers reported the highest levels of ill effects caused by job stressors on machine-paced assembly lines.
  • In a NIOSH study, investigators found that the highest-risk occupations for psychological stress injury included jobs in healthcare, service occupations, and blue-collar factory work.
  • Shift workers, such as workers on night and rotating shifts, were deemed especially at risk for psychological effects. This group was likelier to suffer sleep disturbances, change in eating habits, more visits to clinics, more work absences due to sickness, and more on-the-job injuries than workers on fixed day shifts.

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