Now that you sent in your application for Social Security disability in New Jersey, you may think that it’s just a matter of time before you receive your benefits. Unfortunately, injured workers must fill out a number of additional forms before they can receive their paychecks—and if those forms are not done correctly, payments may be delayed by weeks (or even months).

One of these forms is the Adult Disability Report, which provides the Social Security Administration with details about your work history, your injury, and your medical information.

Here are a few pieces of information you will need to complete your disability report accurately:

  • Contact information. Many applications are denied due to incomplete information. If the Social Security Administration cannot locate you, they will be unable to tell you if there is a problem, leading to further delays.
  • Work history. You must provide a comprehensive job history, including the last five jobs you have held and the employment dates and job descriptions of each one.
  • Exam results. These may include x-rays, test results, and summaries from your doctors outlining your medical condition and your prognosis for the future. Make sure you include dates and the names of your physicians. 
  • Medical records. Any pertinent health records, including medication requirements, dates of hospital stays, ER visits, outpatient treatment, and physical therapy appointments, may be included. 
  • Insurance claims. You must inform the SSA of any payments you have received because of your injury, including workers’ compensation or insurance claims.

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Good to know. I also can share my experience in filling forms. I just filled out SSA-3368-BK with an online software. It looked much better typed than hand-written. I used and it's very easy to use.
by colleen tomko April 8, 2016 at 06:38 AM
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