If you work around drill presses, you’re probably aware of their daily potential to cause serious injury. Although these machines pose a danger to any exposed part of the body, nearly 75 percent of drill press injuries investigated by the OSHA involved amputation of one or more fingers.

According to OSHA, investigated drill press amputations in 2012 involved:

  • Untuned machines – An employee lost part of his left index finger in a June accident when his right hand slipped on the handle of the machine, bringing the revolving bit down on his left hand. His finger was amputated up to the first knuckle due to a loose handle on the combination drilling and milling machine.
  • Removed guards – A worker operating a two-speed drill press should have been protected against amputation by a guard that prevents clothing from being drawn toward the rotating spindle. Unfortunately, the point-of-operation guard was not present, and as the worker placed a shear plate in the drill's vise, his clothing caught in the drill and severed two fingers on his right hand.
  • Wearing gloves – In February, a worker neglected to remove his gloves before operating a drill because he was rushing to finish a job before attending a meeting. Although the drill was guarded, the employee’s glove had become entangled in the drill bit, amputating his left thumb.

Due to the irreparable nature of these accidents, employers have a duty to provide both safety equipment and regular training on all potentially hazardous machinery. If someone in your family is unable to work after a drill press injury, New Jersey construction accident lawyer Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr. can help you to receive payment for your loss of future income.

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