There’s no question about it—America’s workforce is aging. Baby boomers continue to work, and many are opting to retire later in life. This means that workers in New Jersey and across the country are getting older, which brings mixed reactions from employers.

On the one hand, older workers are generally more experienced and knowledgeable than their younger coworkers, which means that they are usually less likely to be injured in a workplace accident. When these individuals are hurt on the job, however, their workers’ compensation claims usually cost their employers more money.

Knowledge and experience are invaluable to employers, but the serious nature of many workplace injuries to older workers leaves us wondering: what do employers need to do to protect their older workers and their wallets?

Workplace Safety for Every Age

This problem is a challenging one for many employers. How can one protect a demographic that is notoriously less likely to be injured on the job?

Fortunately, the answer is fairly simple. Nothing special needs to be done to protect older workers; simply upholding basic safety measures like proper lighting, dry floors, and clearly marked hazards can go a long way in protecting all of your employees—not just the more experienced group.

As the workforce continues to age, it is absolutely critical that employers are aware of safety issues and hazards to this growing demographic. By addressing workplace safety from the simplest level, every individual in a workplace can experience a safer, more enjoyable environment.

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