When it comes to government services, it can sometimes seem as though things are made complicated on purpose. Antiquated systems, long wait times, and endless automated phone trees make even the simplest action challenging. When it came to Social Security disability decision appeals, most people agreed that the process was a pain.

Recently, the Social Security Administration decided to make a move to embrace the future when it overhauled their online process for Social Security Disability Insurance decision appeals. Since such a large number of applicants are denied benefits after their first application attempt, it was certainly a move in the right direction that may be able to help many disabled New Jersey residents, as well as injured and disabled citizens across the nation.

Much-Needed Changes Made to the Online SSDI Appeal Process

If you had the misfortune of attempting to navigate the online disability appeal process before the recent overhaul, you were probably met with the same frustration facing thousands of Americans. The system was slow, confusing, and often required several sessions to upload various medical documents.

After listening to feedback, the Social Security Administration has taken action to improve the appeal process that so many applicants end up going through. Now, all medical information can be sent in with the appeal in a single session. The prompts are clearer, and the site navigation and help features have been upgraded. The changes can be seen on the SSA’s disability appeal website here.

Denied Social Security Disability Benefits? My Firm Can Help

It is not uncommon for individuals to be denied disability benefits, but my Morris Plains disability firm can help you through the appeal and review process. To learn more about what my firm can do for you, contact me today by phone or by filling out the short online contact form on this page. You worked hard to earn your disability benefits, and I will work just as hard to ensure that you receive what you deserve.


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