Working outside during the winter months can be brutal. As temperatures drop and winds pick up, your body has to work harder to keep your internal temperature warm. Being exposed to the bitter cold can cause you to develop cold stress.

Types of Cold Stress

The most common types of cold stress that outdoor workers will experience are hypothermia, frostbite, and trench foot.

  • Hypothermia: This happens when your body temperature drops below the temperature it needs to function. Early symptoms include shivering, fatigue, confusion, and loss of coordination.

  • Frostbite: This condition occurs when the skin actually freezes. It generally affects the extremities, like feet or hands. At first, the affected areas will tingle, sting, or ache. This is followed by numbness.

  • Trench Foot: This condition is caused when your feet are exposed to damp or extremely cold conditions. The symptoms are similar to frostbite, but are generally less severe.

Protect Yourself This Winter

If you cannot avoid working in the extreme cold, you should follow these steps to keep yourself safe:

  1. Wear protective clothing; several lawyers of loose clothing is best

  2. Protect your extremities by wearing insulated boots and gloves

  3. Take breaks indoors

  4. Bring an extra change of clothes, socks, gloves, etc.

  5. Avoid exposing any bare skin

  6. Make sure hot packs and first aid kits are available

Help for Injured NJ Workers

If your job duties caused you to develop cold stress, you may be entitled to NJ Workers' Compensation benefits for your injuries. Don't hesitate to call an Essex County Workers' Comp lawyer for help. Manfred Ricciardelli has 20 years of experience protecting the rights of injured workers in NJ. He will help you get the medical attention and financial compensation you need. Call 973-285-1100 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation today. 

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