You may be tempted to think that your safety gear protects you from the harsh radiation from welding and soldering on the job. But the truth is, there are a number of physical agents that can cause a serious NJ construction worker injury—some of which you can’t even see.

It is not uncommon for welders in NJ to suffer burns, vision problems or blindness due to:

  • Ultraviolet radiation (UV) – UV light created by the welding arc not only causes severe burns to the skin, but is responsible for the welder’s condition "arc-eye," or a sensation of sand or burning in the eyes.
  • Infrared radiation – Flame cutting equipment also produces infrared radiation, which can cause burns on the surface and even the tissues beneath the skin. Only a welder's helmet and safety-rated protective clothing can prevent exposure.
  • Intense visible light – While many welders may be protected from the intense visible light of the arc by safety helmets, workers surrounding the welding area may suffer retinal damage from accidental viewing of the arc.

If someone in your family suffered a NJ construction worker injury due to a lack of safety gear or improper training, an experienced Morristown construction accident lawyer can help you get justice for your suffering and compensation for your loss of income. We can investigate the circumstances of your accident and advise you of your legal options—we charge you nothing unless we win your case.

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