Unlike most regular employees, construction teams constantly have to adapt to their work environment changing around them. There may be a new floor, door, or roof from one day to the next. Some of these items may have been removed in yesterday’s work.

Construction workers have to be constantly aware of their surroundings in order to avoid a fall. But what if the fall is caused by something that shouldn’t have been there in the first place?

Many Construction Worker Falls Occur Because of a Lack of Proper Housekeeping

Debris, cut materials, and tools accumulate quickly on building sites—creating a constant slipping and tripping hazards. In order to prevent these injuries, regular debris and workplace cleanup should occur several times per day, including:

  • Designated cleanup times at regular intervals in the workday
  • At the end of the workday
  • At the end of each work shift
  • Before employees move from one production area to another
  • When a worker hands off his task for a break or crew change
  • At any point when scraps or debris begin to impede work flow

Management Should Have Procedures in Place to Prevent Falls

You may be responsible for keeping your work are clean, but your employer is responsible for putting safety procedures in place. Management teams should make an effort to get as much debris as possible off of the floor, away from work areas, and out of travel areas. Employers must also designate storage areas for commonly used materials, arrange for trash bins and regular disposal, and ensure that all other employees and subcontractors meet proper cleanup requirements.

If debris was allowed to build up on your worksite or dangerous items were not returned to storage immediately after use, you may be able to hold your employer liable for your injuries. We invite you to visit our case results page to see how we have helped injured workers like you get justice.

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