Faulty or unsafe equipment can lead to serious injury or death for New Jersey workers. Every employer is required to provide proper equipment that is inspected regularly to avoid injuries. All workers should be properly trained on how to use each piece of equipment as well. This includes all items used at work, from forklifts to laptops.

Employer Requirements For Work Equipment

Some of your employer’s duties when it comes to work equipment includes:

  • Following OSHA standards
  • Providing safe and well maintained equipment. 
  • Regular inspections indicating equipment is in good, working order 
  • Employee training on how to use equipment
  • Informing workers of potential risk
  • Providing any necessary protective equipment
  • Removing or fixing any faulty or unsafe equipment 

Faulty Equipment Injuries

Faulty equipment can lead to burns, electrical shocks, brain injuries, herniated discs, and more.

All workers injured on the job are entitled to New Jersey Workers’ Compensation benefits. Injured workers are entitled to fully paid medical care – that means no copays or deductibles – and payment for lost wages due to the injury.

If your employer’s negligence causes you to become injured or ill due to faulty equipment, you may also be awarded a personal injury liability settlement. This is a separate issue than Worker’s Compensation. You must prove your employer failed to meet state-mandated safety regulations because fault is a very important factor in liability cases. If your boss didn’t teach you how to properly use safety equipment, provided you with faulty safety equipment or forced you to work in a generally unsafe environment, you may be entitled to a cash reward.

New Jersey Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you have been injured on the job due to faulty or unsafe equipment, you should contact a Warren county workers’ compensation attorney. Manfred Ricciardelli, an experienced NJ workers’ comp lawyer can help you get the compensation you so rightly deserve. Please call today at 973-285-1100. 

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