There are 2 main types of Social Security disability to help those who are disabled and unable to work. If a medical condition or injury caused you to become partially disabled, but you can still do some of your work duties, then you may qualify for permanent partial disability. Permanent partial disability is available to those who are not fully disabled but have a disability that does not improve. 

Permanent partial disability is a type of Social Security disability available to those who suffer an on-the-job injury. Even if you are able to do some of your job duties, you still can receive permanent partial disability to make up for the job duties you no longer can perform. 

Permanent partial disability is given based on the degree of the disability. An examination will rate your disability on a scale of 1% to 99%. The severity of the disability, your occupation, and your earning reduction will all factor into the disability rating. The higher the rating, the more benefits you are eligible to receive. 

If you have any type of disability, it helps to have an experienced Social Security lawyer on your side to handle your claim and help you win the compensation you deserve. Contact Morristown Social Security lawyer Manfred F. Ricciardelli Jr., LLC who has 20 years of experience protecting the rights of New Jersey residents. Call today at 1-877-360-0183.

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