You’ve worked in warehouses for as long as you can remember. You love your job and are quite good at it. Poor working conditions, however, caused you to fall off a ladder and injure your shoulder. Your doctor told you to take several months off work and collect workers’ compensation during this time.

Now you believe you are ready to return to work, but you’re worried you won’t have the ability to work at the same pace or even perform the same duties because of your shoulder injury. After all, you need healthy shoulders to be able to lift boxes and other items.

Returning to Work When You’re Not the Same

Because you won’t be able to perform at the same level you were able to before the accident, you’re afraid your employer may fire you. Fortunately, you may be able to keep your job and maintain the same pay as you were before with the help of your employer and workers’ comp.

  • Establish a plan with your employer. If you were left partially disabled after your accident but believe you are still able to hold the same position, talk to your employer about your concerns and create a plan. Communicating about when you think you may become fully productive again can show your employer you intend to get back to your potential and not create a financial burden.
  • Talk to your workers’ comp representative. If your employer has placed you in a lower position that comes with lower pay to accommodate your injury, workers’ compensation may reimburse you for a portion of the missing pay. However, this option is not available if you refuse to accept the restrictive work duties or new position offered as part of the return to work policy.

We Can Fight for Your Rights

If you are injured on the job, or don’t think you are being treated fairly after your return to work, the legal team of Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr. may be able to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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