If you are like a majority of people throughout the tri-state area, your roof may be in need of some repair and maintenance following a winter full of snow and ice. You may even be one of the many professionals who will be responsible for those roof repairs and maintenance, and as warmer weather arrives, you will soon be hard at work.

You are likely already well aware of the dangers involved with your job, but after years at work, you are confident in your abilities and regard for safety. You have gone an entire career without so much as a slip, and you intend to finish your career the same way.

Roof Workers are Prime Candidates for Workers Compensation

Unfortunately, many roofers feel the same way as you do…until the day they meet one of roofing’s Fatal Four, the most common causes of injuries among roofers. Roofing, especially in the residential field, can be incredibly risky, and even the most experienced and safety-conscious roofers can encounter one of the following:

  1. Falls, whether from the roof or a ladder, are the Achilles’ heel of roofers. Many falls can be fatal, and those that are not often result in serious injuries, such as broken bones, head injuries, and soft tissue damage.
  2. Equipment is also responsible for a portion of roofing injuries. Nail guns are just one of the many tools of the trade that can seriously hurt workers, and poor maintenance—or even a momentary lapse of focus—can mean trouble for roofers of all experience levels.
  3. Heat exposure may not be a big problem now, but in a few short weeks, the roofs in New Jersey will become overwhelmingly hot. Heat exhaustion and extreme dehydration can be problematic enough on their own, and can also lead to other accidents.
  4. Repetitive strain can be a huge problem for roofers, who spend every day doing the same motions over and over again—lifting, climbing, and gripping tools can cause serious stress on your joints and nerves over time, leading to pain and stiffness that can interfere with work.

As work starts rolling into high gear for New Jersey roofers, keep safety at the front of your mind at all times! If you encounter any of the Fatal Four this year, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits that will cover your medical and lost wage expenses—keep this page bookmarked just in case!

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