Residents of Morris County know that the highways surrounding their communities can be hazardous during the winter months. The most recent crash data from the Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Comparative Data Report compiled by the New Jersey State Police Fatal Accident Investigation Unit revealed that Christmas was the most deadly holiday for drivers in 2012, killing 11 people and injuring untold others.

While families take extra care to remove snow and ice from their windshields and take comfort in the fact that holiday accident season has come to a close, there is an unfortunate trend toward deadly accidents on Morris County highways. For instance, the most likely scenes for a deadly car crash in 2012 included:

  • Route 80 – The site of four fatal crashes, this was the deadliest thoroughfare in Morris County. Three fatal car accidents on Route 80 took place in Parsippany, the other was in Rockaway Township.
  • Route 46 – Three fatal accidents in took place in 2012.
  • Route 10 – Two people were killed in collisions on Route 10.
  • Route 513 Was also the site of two fatal crashes in 2012.

Both increased traffic and poor weather conditions increase the risk of fatal accidents. Five of the crashes listed above took place in December, including a struck pedestrian on Route 10 in Parsippany. No other roads in the county had more than one fatal accident reported.

If someone you love lives near one of these major roadways, be sure to send them a link to some of our holiday safety articles to help keep them safe on the roads this winter. If you have legal questions after a New Jersey crash, call us today at 877-360-0183 to speak to an attorney in a FREE, one-on-one consultation.

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