Bridge workers aren’t just at risk of suffering dangerous falls or collapsing structures—they’re also at significant risk of lead poisoning. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has specifically addressed the problem of lead poisoning in NJ construction workers, particularly bridge workers who repair, demolish, or service bridges coated with lead-containing paints.

Employers are required to provide the following safety measures for employees working on bridges or other steel structures involving lead-based paints:

  • Warning signs. The first measure of protection against lead poisoning in NJ construction workers is the mandatory posting of warning signs around the boundaries of lead-contaminated work areas. Signs should include specific details such as “lead work area,” “no eating or smoking,” and “respirators required.”
  • Respirators. Approved respirators can drastically reduce the amount of inhaled lead particles. Workers should be provided with a respirator that will provide adequate protection for the maximum amount of lead exposure they may contact for each shift.
  • Protective clothing. Workers must change into washable or disposable clothing—including hats, gloves, and footwear—before entering any lead-contaminated work areas.
  • Showers. In order to reduce the risk of passing lead particles into workers’ homes, cars or food, OSHA requires employers to provide washing facilities at the worksite so workers can remove contamination on the skin and hair.

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