In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, homes and business that were flooded are now harboring bacteria. Mold follows moisture, so these are the ideal conditions for it to grow. Exposure to toxic mold can lead to serious health issues, so only properly trained workers should take care of it. However, that hasn’t been the case during the Sandy recovery. Many employees and volunteers are working without proper training or protective equipment.

This same situation happened to the first responders and cleanup workers after 9/11. Workers were sent to Ground Zero without masks or protective gear, and long after 9/11 they got sick. Joel Shufro, executive director of the NY Committee for OSHA, said, “We believe that a large number of workers need to be trained. We don’t want to repeat the mistakes of 9/11.”

Toxic Mold and Workers' Compensation Benefits

If you’ve been exposed to toxic mold at your job, you could end up developing asthma, lung disease, or neurological problems. Unlike many health problems, it could be months or years before you realize you have a toxic mold illness. Even if a lot of time has passed since the exposure, you are still entitled to NJ Workers' Compensation benefits. You can file an Occupational Disease Claim within two years from the date you realized your condition was work-related. You may be entitled to benefits that cover your medical bills, pay for lost time at work, or monetarily compensate you for your injuries.

In order to receive benefits, you’ll have to show that the illness was a direct result of your job. This can be extremely tricky without the help of a Warren County Workers' Comp lawyer. Manfred Ricciardelli is no stranger to NJ Occupational Disease claims. He will help you gather the right evidence so that you can get the compensation you and your family need. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today at 973-285-1100.

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