Slipped discs, also known as ruptured discs or herniated discs, are often the unfortunate side effect of aging. However, many New Jersey work accidents and New Jersey car accidents cause painful slipped discs in the neck. How do you know if you have a herniated disc in your neck? What kinds of slipped disc treatment options are available? How should you proceed with legal action?

A healthy disk in the neck provides flexibility, normal turning and bending. But perhaps you sustained a New Jersey work injury or a trauma relating to a New Jersey car accident. You start feeling pain, weakness, numbness, muscle twitching, and/or lack of elasticity in your neck. If you experience these symptoms, see a qualified doctor for diagnosis.

A doctor will perform physical tests to identify the source of your discomfort. If he or she believes the disc is ruptured, the doctor may order an MRI or CT scan. Such screens will determine which treatments are necessary to eliminate the problem.

Injuries to your spine may cause tiny tears or cracks in the hard outer layer of the disc. When this happens, the gel inside the disc can be forced out through the tears or cracks in the outer layer of the disc. This causes the disc to bulge, break open, or break into pieces. The damaged disc puts pressure on the nerves between your spinal bones and neck discs.

For mild cases, a temporary neck brace and physical therapy might alleviate your symptoms. For persistent cases, a doctor may inject steroids or anesthetic to relieve pain. More severe cases will require surgery which will replace the slipped disc with a bone graph or metal disc. This will take the pressure off the nerves, which should remove aches and negative symptoms.

If you sustained a ruptured disc because of a New Jersey work accident, file a New Jersey Worker’s Compensation claim immediately. If the injury was the result of a New Jersey car accident, document all doctor’s visits and medical reports. In both instances, you will need to prove the injuries to your neck were relating to either your employment or car accident. A Morristown Personal Injury attorney can help you resolve these matters.

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