If you are the parent an adult who has been disabled since childhood, you will likely need all the help you can get to pay for the costs of his medical care. The Social Security Administration has special rules regarding these children, but what you may not know is that there are additional forms of income to which you and your child could be entitled.

Social Security for Disabled Adults

Here are a few things that can affect your children’s social security benefits in NJ:

  • Parents’ benefits. Your adult child can receive disability benefits, as well as Social Security Income under his own name. However, your child may receive a higher amount under your benefit record than his own.
  • Parents’ employment. If an adult child’s parents never worked, no benefits can be paid into his parents’ earnings record. All benefits the adult child receives must be paid into his own Social Security account. 
  • Employment. Adult children do not need to have been employed at any time to receive benefits, since his payments will be paid on a guardian’s record. However, if he has worked, benefits may be paid to either record.
  • Income. If the adult child does work, he will lose his Social Security benefits if he earns a substantial amount of income. This amount is set by the Social Security Administration and changes year to year.

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