When you hear that someone has a “mild” or “moderate” brain injury, you may assume that the symptoms are not that serious or that the injury is temporary. This is usually not the case. Most mild brain injuries involve problems with emotions, memory, thinking, and concentration. These symptoms should be taken seriously because they usually get worse as time goes on.

A mild brain injury may be caused by whiplash during a car or motorcycle accident. During a collision from behind, your neck and head jolt back and forth quickly, causing your brain to literally move inside your skull. The rocking of your head could stretch or tear the ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your neck.

A mild brain injury can completely turn your life around. You may not be able to work or interact with your friends and family the way you did before your injury. It may also be hard for you to receive compensation for your accident. Some defense lawyers and doctors are unfamiliar with this type of brain injury; they may be under the impression that the head must strike an object to cause brain trauma. Insurance adjusters are also an obstacle – they are trained to make it seem like your accident wasn’t that serious based on the damages to your vehicle. If you have a brain injury caused by a New Jersey car accident, you need a Morristown accident attorney who can combat the strategies of insurance carriers and defense lawyers.

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