Like any diligent construction worker, you know that there is a high level of injury risk every day you step onto the site. You also know that failure to follow safety protocol puts everyone at risk--and that’s just as true of your coworkers as it is for your employer.

These safety regulations are especially important in preventing construction site amputations. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers have a duty to identify potential amputation hazards and educate their employees on the specific worker activities and machinery operations that pose a threat of bodily harm.

Here are three major mechanical areas that pose amputation hazards for NJ construction workers:

  • Point of operation. This is the part of the machine where work is performed. Common mechanical actions such as cutting, drilling, sanding, shaping, forming and boring occur at the point of operation.
  • Power-transmission components. These can be any part of the machine’s inner workings that transmit energy, including pulleys, belts, chains, flywheels, connecting rods, shafts, and gears.
  • Moving parts. Many parts of the machine that are not involved in the production of the product may still move while the machine is operating. Many workers have been injured on the supposed “safe” areas or auxiliary parts of the machine while the device was in operation.

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