After your car crash, you were sure your arm was broken. The agony, the swelling—all you could think about was trying to get the pain to stop. So you were shocked when your doctor told you that the arm wasn’t broken—your shoulder was dislocated, and you would need to have your arm placed back into its socket.

Dislocated Shoulder Treatment

However, treatment for a dislocated shoulder is not a simple process. It may involve:

  • Closed reduction. This process involves gently maneuvering the arm and shoulder bones back into their proper positions. Patients are often given muscle relaxers or sedatives to relieve the pain of the procedure, but pain will usually improve significantly after the bones are back in place.
  • Surgery. If your shoulder muscles are weak, or you are in danger of having recurring dislocations in the future, you may need surgery to repair the damage to your shoulder joint.
  • Immobility. You will likely need a splint or sling to immobilize your shoulder for a few weeks, allowing the ligaments around the joint to return to normal. In order to heal properly, you will be unable to use your arm at home and at work until your doctor tells you your arm is strong enough.
  • Medication. Healing is a painful process, so you may need muscle relaxers to help you cope with the discomfort while you recuperate.
  • Physical therapy. After you no longer need a sling, you may need physical rehabilitation program to strengthen your shoulder and restore range of motion.

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