Most people have heard the term “car accident” so many times that they don’t even think to hold drivers accountable for their actions. However, while anyone can “have an accident,” car crashes will always have causes—and most likely, those causes are human behaviors. 

The most common driver behaviors that cause New Jersey car crashes include:

  • Speeding. Not only is speeding a conscious choice that is likely to cause a collision, it is likely to result in higher damages and more serious injuries.
  • Drunk driving. People who purposely drive while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs are guilty of negligent behavior that carries criminal charges.
  • Aggressive driving. Tailgating, weaving between lanes, sudden braking, and ignoring traffic signals are all reckless actions that increase the risk of a crash.
  • Distracted driving. Over 80% of auto crashes involve some form of distraction, most of which occur within two or three seconds prior to the crash.
  • Drowsy driving. While it may seem like driving tired is not a choice, drivers have a responsibility to remain awake and alert while behind the wheel.

The majority of New Jersey crashes are caused by a combination of these factors, such as speeding while checking a cell phone message. While anyone can make a mistake, it is not right for someone to continue risking lives by making poor choices every time they drive.

Determining fault in these cases can be complex, so it is important to consult with a Morristown car accident attorney as soon as possible to determine the true cause of your crash. Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr. can explain your legal options in your FREE, one-on-one consultation. Call (877) 360-0183 today or click the link on this page to get started. The call is free, and we charge you nothing unless we win your case.

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