The costs of caring for an adult child can often be overwhelming, with families having little choice but to admit their loved one into a long-term facility. But if your adult child has Social Security Income (SSI) and enters a nursing home, his monthly payment will be reduced to just $30 a month.

In addition to having your child’s benefits cut, the $30 monthly benefit may not be used to buy any items that are provided by the nursing home or items that are paid for by state or federal programs. Items that may be bought with SSI for the personal needs of your adult child include:

  • Hygiene items – You may purchase soap, combs, brushes, toiletries, bathroom scales or cosmetic items.
  • Clothing – Your loved one may need new clothing, such as shoes, boots, slippers, and seasonal wear such as gloves and bathing suits.
  • Electronics – If the nursing home does not provide clocks, TVs, music players or other devices, you may purchase these items.
  • Furnishings – You may use the funds to make your loved one feel more comfortable with new pillows and blankets, a recliner, or other furniture.
  • Transportation – You may use funds to take your loved one out to a meal, go on day trips, go on a family vacation, or to bring relatives to visit him.
  • Craft items – Your loved one’s SSI may be used for hobbies and interests, such as photography and art supplies, magazine subscriptions, DVDs, paints, fabrics, and other craft supplies.
  • Miscellaneous – If your loved one is well-cared for, you may be able to use his SSI benefits for specialty reasons, such as enabling him to make long-distance phone calls to out-of-state relatives.

Any questions? Send us an email if you are having trouble paying for the costs of your adult child or are unsure if an upcoming purchase can be made with Social Security funds.

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