You went through a seemingly endless application and appeal process to receive your Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Once you got word that your last appeal was successful, you probably swore to yourself right then and there that you never wanted to go through the process again. You thought you’d never have to, until one day you learn your case is under review.

You panic—your first thought is that you are going to lose the benefits that took such painstaking efforts to receive. Why are they reviewing you? Did you do something wrong? Suddenly, you are left wondering what you will do if these benefits—no matter how small—are taken away.

The Continuing Disability Review: Nothing to Worry About, Something to Respect

The Social Security Administration is legally required to review every disability case, which is called a continuing disability review (CDR). These reviews are typically performed every three to seven years, depending on the outlook of your medical condition. If your disabling medical condition is expected to improve, your case will be reviewed sooner and more often than someone whose condition was not expected to improve or change.

For the most part, these reviews are nothing to be concerned about. You will receive a notice in the mail that your case is up for review, and you will be sent a report to fill out updating the agency on your condition.

If your medical condition has remained the same and you have not returned to work, your benefits will not be taken away for no reason. Typically, your benefits will only end for one of the following reasons:

  • You have returned to work and are making too much money to receive benefits.
  • Your medical condition has significantly improved.
  • You are not following your treatment plan.

You should have a good idea of how your review will end long before it is completed. For the most part, it is simply a formality for the individuals whose conditions have stayed the same or worsened, and a transition period for those who are fortunate enough to have improved.

If your CDR determined that your benefits should end and you feel that this is in error, you may be able to continue receiving benefits while you appeal the decision. Call my New Jersey disability law firm today to learn more.

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