After a workplace injury, the best scenario is that you receive the proper care and treatment you need while you are injured, and after making a full recovery, you are able to return to your old job at 100% capacity. In fact, the workers’ compensation system is set up to best accommodate this scenario, and has worked well for many individuals after they are hurt at work.

For those men and women who work in the construction industry, however, workplace injuries can often be much more serious. From falls, electrical and chemical hazards, and accidents involving heavy equipment, many of these workers suffer injuries that may not heal fully, leaving these individuals unable to return to their previous position.

Permanent Injuries to the Eye: A Construction Worker's Worst Nightmare

As someone who works in the construction industry, your eyes are incredibly important in your job. Unfortunately, due to the nature of your work, your eyes are also at a very high risk of becoming injured—and an injury to your eyes can be a career-ender.

While everyone hopes for a full recovery after a workplace injury, some people will inevitably suffer some level of permanent impairment in the injured body part. After you have reached your point of maximum medical improvement and no further improvement can be expected, your doctor will determine how much function you have lost in that body part to assign your Scheduled Loss of Use award. This award is meant to compensate you by paying you benefits for a number of weeks based on which body part was injured and how much function was lost.

In New Jersey, full loss of an eye (or full loss of the eye’s use) will allow you to collect benefits for 200 weeks. This means if you lost 50% usage of your eye, you would collect benefits for 100 weeks, and so on.

If you are a construction worker who has suffered an eye injury while at work, and you may lose use of your eye, speak to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney today to determine if you are eligible to receive a Scheduled Loss of Use award. Click on our live chat link to connect with our firm today.

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