hairdressers workers compIf you are exposed to harsh chemicals or substances at work, you may be at risk for a health problem called occupational contact dermatitis. This problem mainly involves inflammation of the skin. Hairdressers are particularly at risk because they use hair coloring, bleach, and permanent solutions every day.

Workers who develop occupational contact dermatitis should file a claim to receive workers’ compensation benefits. However, a new study has found that many hairdressers haven’t been doing that. The study found that, from 1993 to 1999, there were 157 cases of diagnosed occupational contact dermatitis and only 46 workers’ comp claims.

Some hairdressers may think dermatitis is just “part of the job.” They may not know that they are entitled to compensation. Others may not report their work exposure out of fear of job loss. This is not true. Your employer cannot legally fire you for filing a NJ workers’ compensation claim.

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