About one-third of construction deaths are caused by falls. In 2011, 578 construction workers died on the site—180 of them were due to fall-downs. The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) stresses the need for more safety at construction sites. Workers can do simple things to help make their jobs safer.

Workers should always plan ahead before performing a job. They should map out exactly what the job requires and what they need to do it. These skills can leave more time to do the job properly. Hasty decisions or shortcuts may get jobs done faster, but they also put construction workers at risk for injury or even death.

Construction workers should also be sure to use the right equipment. Every construction site is different. For example, when choosing a ladder, make sure you are aware of the type, length, and duty rating. If it is not good for your site, don’t risk it.

Most importantly, make sure you are properly trained. Before performing any jobs, construction workers should be trained on how to set up, use, and inspect all pieces of equipment. Make sure that inspections happen regularly, so damaged equipment is fixed or replaced. Taking the time to do jobs right will protect workers from injuries or death.

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