Now that you have been receiving payments for some time, you may think that your Social Security benefits are here to stay. After all, your condition is not likely to improve, and you cannot return to work.

But what if you get married, or your partner seeks a divorce?

Marital life changes can have a great impact on your New Jersey Social Security benefits. This is because a spouse can affect the amount of your household income: if you get married, your spouse may support you; if you are divorced, you may need additional financial help.

Your marital status can affect your disability benefits for the following reasons:

  • Your disability:
    • If you get married, you can still receive disability benefits for your injury as long as your combined household income does not exceed the maximum requirement for government aid.
    • If your spouse seeks a divorce and you are still unable to work, you may be able to resume your disability benefits. 
  • Your spouse’s disability:
    • If you get divorced and are over the age of 62, you may continue to receive your spouse’s benefits.
    • If you remarry when you are over the age of 50, you may continue to receive your ex-spouse’s benefits.

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