You have probably noticed your eyes “getting tired” after a long day of sitting behind your monitor. In fact, patients during as many as 15 percent of routine eye exams complained of computer-related eye issues—a number that is only going to increase as we continue to stare at our laptop, phone, and tablet screens.

The problem is so prevalent that eye care specialists have combined a number of symptoms into one diagnosis: Computer Vision Syndrome. CVS is characterized by a combination of dry eyes, eye fatigue, asthenopia (severe eye strain), and dipolopia (double vision), and may affect anyone who uses a computer regularly.

Those at particular risk of Computer Vision Syndrome include:

  • Workers who suffer extended exposure to backlit screens – Computer terminals and video displays may cause up to 42% of a decrease in spontaneous eye blink rate (SEBR), causing dryness in the eyes.
  • Workers who rely on fine detail – High visual concentration widens the eye and increases its surface area, exposing it to air and light, and causing the protective film of the eye to dry more quickly.
  • Prior Lasik surgery – Workers who have undergone a Lasik procedure are at a higher risk of dry eyes and other visual complications.

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