While many beneficiaries suffer a loss of Social Security payments when they are admitted to long-term care, there is an exception for short stays in nursing homes. This could apply to Social Security Income recipients who are recuperating after a surgical procedure, or are under medical observation but are not critical enough to remain admitted in a hospital.

You are able keep your full SSI payment if you are only going to be in a nursing home for a short time, typically three months or less. Temporary institutionalization benefits are available to all beneficiaries in Medicaid-certified nursing homes and public hospitals or institutions. Benefits are even available to children who must receive care in a private medical facility.

Steps to Take in Order to Keep Receiving the Full Amount of Your Benefits

In order to keep receiving the full amount of your Social Security benefits while in a nursing home, you must:

  • Notify Social Security that you will be entering a nursing home temporarily and that you will need your full SSI in order to retain your permanent housing.
  • Have your doctor confirm with Social Security in writing that you will be in the nursing home for 90 days or less.
  • When you are released from the nursing home, ask for a copy of your medical records and discharge information just in case there is a problem or interruption in your benefit payments.

If your stay is unexpectedly extended past 90 days, your payments will likely be reduced or paid directly to your care facility. However, you may be able to receive additional state benefits to cover the cost of your care. We invite you to contact us today to find out if you are eligible for additional Social Security benefits, or browse our related links to discover more kinds of disability aid that may be available.

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