We’ve seen it on television dozens of times and read about it in the news even more. People go to trial for crimes and disputes and have their cases heard by a judge and jury. It may make for an interesting read, but in the end (especially if you have served jury duty) you know that it can be a long, drawn-out process.

You hope you will never have to go through such an ordeal, until one day you are in a serious car wreck. You know that the other driver is to blame for your injuries and damages, but they are vehemently denying responsibility. You have a legal battle on your hands, and you know that you will have to fight for what is rightfully yours.

Will you end up in a courtroom? Probably not. Serious car accidents are fairly common, and typically both sides will benefit from not going to trial. Attorneys are well aware of how much your case is truly worth from the beginning. Their experience allows them to find an amount that is fair and just without the unnecessary time and uncertainty that accompanies a trial.

While many people feel as though they have a chance to receive more compensation if their case goes to trial, the cost, time, and volatility of a trial mean much higher risk for about the same outcome—if not worse. An attorney that fixates on getting your case to trial likely does not have your best interests in mind, so be wary of an attorney who doesn’t explore all alternate options prior to discussing the possibility of a showdown in the courtroom.

We know that the days following your accident can be stressful and painful. To schedule your free consultation to discuss your New Jersey car accident with an experienced auto injury lawyer, call my Morris Plains practice today for security and peace of mind. I can fight for the compensation that you deserve, and protect your rights throughout the process.

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