In a car accident, it is easy to focus solely on the role that other drivers played in your wreck. Usually, accidents come down to negligence on the part of a driver, but there are also several other factors that may have played a part. Some of these factors, like weather, play into responsibilities that drivers take on while operating in such conditions. Other factors, like road maintenance or guardrails, could add another layer of complexity to your case.

Federal Review Process for Guardrails Sees Important Facelift

Guardrails serve an important purpose along roads in New Jersey and across the country, protecting cars by offering a safe, impact-absorbing barrier. Guardrails have improved immeasurably over time as technology has improved, but recently, guardrails produced by Trinity Industries Inc. have raised serious questions among federal safety groups.

The Federal Highway Administration has recently updated its strict review process for guardrails after learning of Trinity’s questionable review process, which was performed by a company that would have profited off royalties from the ET-Plus model guardrail system sales. New standards starting in 2016 dictate that products cannot be tested by a company that has financial interest in a safety product’s commercial sales.

The controversy began over the ET-Plus guardrail systems when it was discovered that Trinity had made minor design changes to the guardrail without informing the Federal Highway Administration—changes that were potentially lethal. The new testing requirements also state that any design changes will have to be tested under the latest safety standards.

Thorough NJ Auto Accident Investigations Should Go Beyond the Vehicles Involved

Each year, our state spends valuable taxpayer dollars to improve and maintain the safety of our roads. If your accident was aggravated by improperly tested, designed, or maintained safety equipment—such as the guardrails in your accident—you may be entitled to compensation from the party responsible in addition to any involved negligent drivers.

When you hire a skilled auto accident attorney to assist you with your case, you will receive the resources and experience necessary to thoroughly investigate your accident. As your lawyer, I leave no stone unturned when it comes to your injuries and damages. Call today to discuss your case with me for free in a no-obligation consultation.

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